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The area summers can’t be taken lightly. Air conditioning isn’t a luxury. You depend on your cooling equipment to get you through the sweltering days and sticky nights. For your A/C to be ready when you need it most, make annual service part of your spring to-do list. Whether your air conditioner is brand new or an older model, a portable unit or central air, seasonal inspection is critical. Without regular maintenance, cooling equipment steadily loses productivity, efficiency and longevity.

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Call the polite and experienced professionals at Alaskan Home Services to schedule a cost effective maintenance plan for both residential and commercial equipment. Family owned and operated, Alaskan Home Services is a certified, bonded, licensed and insured authorized contractor. We’ve clocked nearly forty years in the business, outlasting and out-performing our competitors by delivering honest, timely and dependable attention to every job, every customer, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Air Conditioner Tune-Ups Keep Your A/C Running Efficiently!

A well-maintained air conditioner performs better, lasts longer, consumes less energy, and is less prone to repairs. If left untended, leaked refrigerant, dirty air filters, blocked condensers, clogged condensate drains, and a variety of other issues make equipment work harder for less cooling power. Eventually, noise levels rise, humidity control deteriorates, and you may face total system failure. Your equipment could even pose a safety problem.

There’s no need to pay higher energy bills and suffer costly, preventable repairs. You can reduce your air conditioner’s energy consumption by 15%, simply by replacing a clogged filter with a clean one. You can prevent 50% of eventual cooling repairs by scheduling service with the trained professionals from Alaskan Home Services. The savings more than pay for an economical service plan.

Professional Air Conditioning Service Technicians

Our certified technicians will complete a comprehensive list of services targeting the efficiency and durability of your equipment. We inspect refrigerant levels, testing for leaks, inspect ductwork, measure airflow through the evaporator coil, check electric terminals, tighten connections, oil motors and scrutinize belts for tightness and wear, repair or replace any worn parts and perform a total analysis and cleaning. We’ll restore your air conditioner to its ideal performance level, validating your warranty coverage.

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Alaskan Home Services provides peace of mind. Through seasonal tune-ups, you can count on your air conditioning equipment to operate safely, efficiently and dependably year after year. For unfailing temperature control, call Alaskan Home Services.

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