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When it comes to your heating equipment, dirt is the enemy. As dirt builds on components such as the motor, air handler or heat exchanger, it creates friction, causing the system to consume more energy and cost more money to operate. You heating equipment cannot come close to the manufacturer’s expectations if certified professionals do not clean it annually. Call Alaskan Home Services and schedule the seasonal cleaning or your home or commercial heating system.

Once you’ve purchased any type of heating equipment, preventative maintenance is an essential service. You might think you can get along without it, but every day that goes by, your heating system is decreasing in productivity, utilizing more energy for less power. Eventually you’ll face breakdowns, possibly full-system failure and safety hazards.

For peace of mind, you need the protection of a service plan. But don’t trust the longevity and efficiency of your heating system to just anybody. A contractor lacking the experience, training and dedication to properly inspect, clean and repair, is wasting your money. The conscientious professionals from Alaskan Home Services take your comfort seriously. We know shortcuts don’t save money, so we take the time to do every job right.

Alaskan Home Services has been taking care of heating equipment throughout the area for nearly forty years. Our certified professionals are familiar with all makes and models, from old to new, and have the training to restore your heating unit to maximum capacity. By scheduling a cost-effective service plan with Alaskan Home Services, you’ll eliminate 50% of potential repairs, increase your system’s longevity and efficiency, reduce noise levels and benefit from cleaner, healthier air.

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Like any other appliance you depend on, your heating equipment needs attention to keep it running smooth. Through a full-scale inspection, our specialists will identify problem issues and replace components that are starting to wear out. We’ll perform a comprehensive cleaning, remove dirt build up and enhance energy efficiency. We’ll also check related components, such as the ductwork and any humidifiers or air cleaners. To protect Indoor Air Quality, it is imperative to maintain the venting mechanism of your heating equipment.

Alaskan Home Services will prepare your heating unit for winter, uncovering small problems before they become major and living up to the stipulations of your warranty coverage. A properly maintained heating system can last twenty years or more, run more efficiently, and cost much less to operate. Contact Alaskan Home Services for a convenient, affordable service plan and leave the condition of your heating equipment to us. You’ll enjoy greater warmth, lower energy bills and dependable comfort. Call us with confidence.

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